Your Key Recovery System

Introducing Anastasis

Anastasis is a key recovery system that allows the user to securely deposit shares of a core secret with an open set of escrow providers, and to recover it if the secret is lost. The core secret itself is protected from the escrow providers by giving each provider only part of the information, and additionally by encrypting it with an identity-based key unknown to the providers. The main objective of Anastasis is to ensure that the user can reliably recover the core secret, while making this as difficult as possible for everyone else.


Anastasis lets you save your secret on several escrow providers. You can choose different combinations of these providers to recover your secret. The various providers provide different authentication methods (like SMS, secure question or E-Mail) which the user has to supply to recover their secret.


Anastasis is based on well-known cryptographic techniques. Our resulting solution offers post-quantum security. A compromised database of an individual Anastasis service provider by itself never leaks information that would be by itself sufficient to recover any core secret of any user.


Anastasis does not safe any data from the user except for the few details needed for authentication and recovery of the secret. When using Anastasis, only the user is capable to recover their secrets. Users can pay anonymously for the service, and switch service providers at any time.

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